Hi. I'm Andrew.

I'm a Chicago-based commercial and lifestyle photographer, passionate about visual storytelling for brands and their communities.

As a life-long mover, motion helped me identify what I first loved about photography--and why I'm perpetually drawn to it.

I'm passionate about community building and bringing Chicagoans together on Fridays in summer to enjoy swimming and coffee at Friday Morning Swim Club. Co-founding this organization with Nicole Novotny in 2021 has been a highlight of my career and a unique experience we feel incredibly proud of. 

When I'm not messing around in the lake with my underwater housing, I'm probably drinking cortados at Printer's Row Coffee Co., enjoying an old fashioned at Koval Distillery, or befriending neighborhood dogs.

My most recent experience includes work with United Airlines, Illinois Tourism, Arc'teryx, lululemon, Wyoming Tourism, Ten Thousand CC, Barbell Apparel, and Olympus Cameras.

Licensing Inquiries: Please reach out to

Polaroid by Victor Hilitski