Photo by  Andre Bayard

Photo by Andre Bayard

My name is Andrew Glatt and I am a Chicago-based Civil Engineer and Photographer. 

A standard 8-5 engineering job may pay the bills, but it's my love for photography that really inspires me. Telling stories in an image - observing, capturing, and conveying emotions - is what I love the most. It is what I find most challenging and most rewarding. I am constantly trying to improve and to learn from others, and the more I do so, the more I am drawn to portraits - especially if there are dogs involved.

In just a couple of years of shooting in Chicago, I have gained experience in a number of fields of photography. From engagements to puppy portraits to commissioned shoots with the likes of Dewars Whiskey, JanSport Backpacks, and Wintrust Bank, I am confident we can create something that you'll love. Let's get to work!

- Andrew