My name is Andrew Glatt and I am a Chicago-based, self-taught Freelance Photographer. 

Just over two years ago, I picked up a big-boy camera for the first time. It didn’t take long at all before I realized this was going to turn into something. Since then I haven’t gone a day without shooting or editing. By putting in the work, I was able to figure out what I enjoy shooting the most, and that is people. Whether is portraits, candid street photography, or travel photography, I am simply drawn to people. Telling stories in an image - observing, capturing, and conveying emotions - is what I love the most. It is what I find most challenging and most rewarding. I am constantly trying to improve and to learn from others.

In a relatively short amount of time, I have gained experience in a number of fields of photography. From weddings/engagements to travel photography to commissioned shoots with the likes of Budweiser, Dewars Whiskey, JanSport Backpacks, and Wintrust Bank, I am confident we can create something that you'll love. Let's get to work.

- Andrew