'Dogtoberfest' at Saint Lou's Assembly

This past Saturday, I teamed up with Saint Lou’s Assembly once again to shoot their second annual ‘Dogtoberfest’ event. Huge thanks to St Lou’s for having me. Some of the costumes were too much to handle. The top three vote-getters were Reuben, Poppy, and Nova, who were dressed as Popeye/Sailor, a tarantula, and Wonder Woman, respectively. We actually had numerous Wonder Womans - I stopped counting after number 4 strolled in. Reuben took home the well-deserved first place trophy. You can find photos of the 3 finalists below, along with all the other pups in attendance.

Owners - As I mentioned on Saturday, if you want the high quality files or want to set up a separate shoot with you and your pup, please send me an email at andrewglatt10@gmail.com. Holiday card season is right around the corner, and I bet your pup would love to be included in this year’s card.

As always, thanks for looking and I hope you like the photos.

- Andrew

Dan & Esther

A few weekends ago, I was able to second-shoot my first wedding thanks to the amazing Sandy Noto. Got a long way to go with my wedding work but thanks to Sandy, I now have the start of a portfolio and can’t wait to build from here. Below is a look at how the shots came out. If you like the work and know anyone looking for an entry-level wedding photographer, feel free to throw my name out there.

As always, thanks for looking.

- Andrew

'Drinking with Dogs' at Dovetail Brewery

Big thanks to Dovetail and The Safe Haven Network for having me the other week for their 2nd Annual 'Drinking with Dogs' event, which is exactly what it sounds like. The event will featured a raffle and some delicious treats for the pups in attendance all while raising money to benefit the Safe Haven Network and their mission to help domestic violence survivors and their pets.

- Andrew

'Dog Days of Summer' at Saint Lou's Assembly

This past Saturday, I was able to team up with the wonderful people at Saint Lou's Assembly in the West Loop as they hosted their "Dog Days of Summer" party. Dogs. Sunshine. Beer / Cocktails. What more could you want? 

Even with the heat, we had a great turnout. I want to thank everyone who came out for it and I can't wait to do it again soon - I'm looking at you, 'Dogtoberfest' (October 6th this year, mark those calendars).

To the dog owners who I was able to meet the other day, I hope you love the photos. I had a blast meeting you and your pups. Please shoot me an email if you want to discuss the photos or set something else up! 

- Andrew

Camping in Colorado

This summer over the Fourth of July, I was able to get my nature on and go camping in Colorado with my brother-in-law. Luckily, he's an experienced camper because I was clueless. Imagine Russell in "Up" - "Do you dig the hole before, or after??". That was me. 

We stayed on the grounds at Piney Lake, ~10 miles outside of Vail. Overall, it was an awesome experience. The sunrises and sunsets were pretty incredible. It's almost impossible to capture the beauty, especially if you're inexperienced with landscape photography like I am. When you live in Chicago, you don't get much practice. Thinking a national parks roadtrip will need to happen sometime soon. 

Below are a bunch of shots from the few days in the mountains, thanks for checking them out.

- Andrew